ToHeart Releases ‘Delicious’ MV + Mini Album!

Two guys moving in together, what could possibly go wrong? How about liking the same girl, it always have to do with a girl with SM and Woollim, but check out this catchy new sound after the SM and Woollim merge! Continue reading

SHINee’s Key & Infinite’s Woohyun (Toheart) Releases ‘Delicious’ MV Teaser!

New subunit, but each member from a different company. It’s something new in K-pop, and something huge, let’s see if they captured their fans with the new teaser! Continue reading

[UPDATED]SHINee Releases ‘Everybody’ Image Teaser + ACTUAL MV Teaser!

What the heck is an image teaser? That’s a new and confusing term SM, but boy does it look good though! Question: when exactly is the MV release date? Come check out the teaser and my reaction video to it! [UPDATE] SM finally decided to release the MV teaser! The dancing will pull you in aside from Taemin being shirtless. Check it out! Continue reading

SHINee Releases “Dream Girl” Album!

Thank the heavens that this, “Dream Girl-The misconception of You,” came out when I’m awake! That is a long title. Let me present to you, SHINee! Check out their nine tracks!! NINE of them! Continue reading