[OPINION POST] EXO’s ‘Overdose’ Leaked?

Let me be surprise for a moment…nope not working. EXO’s new song ‘Overdose’ (and dance practice video) was leaked. Who leaked it and what is SM doing about it. All that here and check out the title, it’s a opinion post. Continue reading

EXO Released XOXO Their Full Length Album!

I am really excited to hear this album! I bet you guys are also excited unless….you guys downloaded the leaked album. Naughty naughty! C’mon you guys check out my review! Also a poll on when EXO will have their next comeback! Continue reading

EXO Releases “Wolf” Video Teaser! Seriously?

Let’s repeat that again seriously?? Will SM release the same song that was leaked ages ago? Are the fans bittersweet about this choice? When will I find a meme with Taeyang and Kai together? Random, but it goes along with this! Check that continue to read button for more! Continue reading

Gif Challenge Kanaissa’s Edition!

Kanaissa’s edition? How about Tumblr’s edition because that’s where I found this amazing challenge called GIF challenge. I don’t know what exactly GIF means, but it’s moving picture. Really, a video that been cut way down to a specific emotion to convey your emotion. Um…that’s what I’m getting from a GIF, so let get right to it! P.S. Some Gifs may not move, if that’s the case click on them. I don’t know why WordPress have to be difficult, but it is what it is.

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Happy Birthday to…do I have to? Kris!

Kris turns 23 years old today and he’s a member of EXO-M! Now, as you know I’m a baby, and EXO-K is against B.A.P, but I’m going to set that aside right now because once MAMA is over with I’m going to like them again. Call me selfish, but at least I did the birthday post, but again I do like them, so calm down exotics. Isn’t he the one with the earth bending power in Mama or was he the fire bender? Well that doesn’t really matter because Kris is my bias. I like him in Mama. I mean look at him. Man, doesn’t this post sound contradicting? Welcome to my life…