[OPINION POST] EXO’s ‘Overdose’ Leaked?

Let me be surprise for a moment…nope not working. EXO’s new song ‘Overdose’ (and dance practice video) was leaked. Who leaked it and what is SM doing about it. All that here and check out the title, it’s a opinion post. Continue reading

[UPDATED] EXO Hints Comeback With EXO Teaser Photos!

Exo is coming back! It’s an announcement that all Exotics love to hear after that 2012 fiasco. What style are they coming back with and when will the MV be released? All that here! Continue reading

EXO Released XOXO Their Full Length Album!

I am really excited to hear this album! I bet you guys are also excited unless….you guys downloaded the leaked album. Naughty naughty! C’mon you guys check out my review! Also a poll on when EXO will have their next comeback! Continue reading