B.A.P Individual Teaser Picture of “Coffee Shop” + Mysterious Teaser Photo Solved!

A lot of B.A.P news today! Want to see more of the scenery of America? Oh no, just want to see B.A.P, that’s cool too. Also, if you didn’t want to rack your brain, I have to message here! Click that button! Continue reading


B.A.P Live On Earth: America Shout Out Message! Reaction that is!

Oh My Goodness! They would upload this video when I was calm and collected. Jeez, but you guys have to check out Zelo’s English and also Himchan pronunciation of the different cities they’re going to! But, I think I went overboard with my reaction, but we cares….. Continue reading

Getting B.A.P’s Live On Earth Ticket. A calm collected confession…from me!

Did you see that alliteration? But anyways, I had to take the rant down for a lot of reasons, so here’s a calm collected followup! Also, an explanation on what was going on with the venues. Yes, our nation’s capitol included. That’s Washington DC if you didn’t know.  Continue reading