Are Idol Groups Becoming Irrelevant?

I cannot believe I’ve made a K-pop blog if idol groups are becoming outdated! Are they really irrelevant? Do you think Super junior or Big Bang are going to be extinct in the K-pop world? My thoughts on this right here. Continue reading

SIX HOURS Award Show?!?

WtVAvYes, I’m just as surprise. When the live broadcast started and they said that I couldn’t believe my ears. How can a award ceremony be that long? I mean they included the Red Carpet thing, but that’s TWO hours. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but I hope they declare the Rookie of the Year award in the first hour because like I said I have a meeting at 11am. Jeez…pray that I see B.A.P up on that stage!

MAMA voting on hold!

Presidential election or MAMA voting…who would you rather?
Yes, you’ve read the title right, but I have need my president to be re-elected! As you know I’m an American, and deciding who the our new president will be is the most tiring thing you have to go through. Tiring and frustrating. Right now, I’m frustrated! My president is losing as we speak! So, my focus will not be on MAMA voting or any other voting for B.A.P. Sorry, but I will get back on tomorrow. Seriously, but if Mitt Romney win…I don’t know what to tell you. All heck will break loose in America…it needs to if he becomes president. PRESIDENT OBAMA FIGHTING!!!

Happy Birthday to…do I have to? Kris!

Kris turns 23 years old today and he’s a member of EXO-M! Now, as you know I’m a baby, and EXO-K is against B.A.P, but I’m going to set that aside right now because once MAMA is over with I’m going to like them again. Call me selfish, but at least I did the birthday post, but again I do like them, so calm down exotics. Isn’t he the one with the earth bending power in Mama or was he the fire bender? Well that doesn’t really matter because Kris is my bias. I like him in Mama. I mean look at him. Man, doesn’t this post sound contradicting? Welcome to my life…

Day 23, 24, and 25 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

Busy week this week. Research paper, three essays, broadcast script, and I have to film my video for the Mnet competition. A lot on the plate and I’m getting full, but I will not neglect you guys! Never! With that said click that continue button right here—> Continue reading