MYNAME Releases MV Teaser For “Baby I’m Sorry!”

Guys, this is a teaser AND song you shouldn’t doubt! They have big name actors in the MV and from the teaser a great song! You guys have to check it out! Plus, there’s a connection with B.A.P.  Continue reading


What’s up with the July Comeback Rush?

Doesn’t it seem as if EVERYBODY is coming back next month? Well, you are right. I have the July list of comebacks and my opinion on this comeback rush! Come check it out! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday Post! Spring Break Edition Part 1!

Yeah, I’m on spring break and a lot isn’t getting done. I’m so behind on blogging that it’s crazy.In my queue I have Kpop news of the week, a vlog on body image and reaction videos. Yeah, it’s a lot, but I’ll tell you this on Thursday (or maybe Friday after editing) I present some reaction videos with my niece. Be prepared okay. She’s out there. Click that button for your favorite idol’s birthday! –> Continue reading