VIXX Releases ‘VooDoo Doll’ MV

VIXX is really trying to outdo themselves in the creepy factor. I feel as if nobody in the K-pop scene can do this concept better than them. You have to check out this MV and my reaction.  Continue reading


VIXX Releases Image and MV Teaser of ‘Voodoo’

VIXX must love the dark concept because they’re back again (seriously, the 4th or 5th time!) with *drum roll* a dark concept. Bring out your voodoo dolls and check out these teasers! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday Post! June Edition Part Deux!

Yeah, that mean two in French. I don’t know why I typed in French. Maybe I wanted to show off, but it’s time to show off these idols and wish them a happy birthday! Continue reading