Nu’Est Releases ‘Good Bye Bye’ MV + Re:BIRTH Album!

After two weeks of teasing, which a lot of boy idols groups are doing this summer, Nu’Est is back with their new MV and album. It’s already has been 10 months, so check out the new Nu’Est. Continue reading

K-pop groups comeback in 2014!

Yes, it’s about that time for comebacks of your favorite, or least favorite, idols! When exactly are they releasing a single? Here’s the list of rumored comebacks in 2014. Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday Post! July Edition Part 2!

Yup, it’s the last day of July and I finally decided to do a birthday post. There’s a lot of birthdays, so it in two parts, so let’s get to them. I prolong long enough. Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday Post! Temp Job Edition!

Hey guys! I have to get my mind off some things and what’s a better way to do that than to say happy birthday to some very beautiful people? C’mon this first  2 weeks of this month is pretty star studded.  Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday Post! May Slacking Edition Part 2!

Part 2 of the May birthdays! Don’t just sit here and admire my creativeness of the title! Click to see if I missed your favorite idols birthday and scold me. Continue reading

NU’EST Releases “Hello” MV + digitally released album!

Last year’s rookie going against each other! Haven’t seen the music video? You’re in luck! Want to hear the album? You’re in luck! Want my opinion? I don’t know about that. Check it out! Continue reading