B.A.P Releases “One Shot” MV!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I’ll repeat it again in the actual post, but a few warnings before proceeding. Heart rate have to be normal, Babies need to be prepared for the worst, fans who criticized B.A.P with the two girls should back away, and to remain calm. Yeah, you don’t necessarily have to follow them, but know that I’m a broke college girl! Now, what are you waiting for? Continue reading

B.A.P Releases “One Shot” Teaser!

*Warning* Please do not click if you fangirled before watching the teaser. You WILL have a heart attack if you proceed. Don’t die because of me. I’m broke, so your parents will NOT get any money from me. You’ve been warned! Okay, press that button to see the latest addition of our boys! Continue reading