K-pop groups comeback in 2014!

Yes, it’s about that time for comebacks of your favorite, or least favorite, idols! When exactly are they releasing a single? Here’s the list of rumored comebacks in 2014. Continue reading

Reaction Video Cue: Psy’s “Gentleman,” Jay Park’s “Joah,” M.I.B’s “Nod Along” and More!

Yes, as stated before, I’ve been extremely busy with school because it’s basically crunch time, but here’s what’s in the cue! I did say that there were more!!! MUSIC VIDEO INCLUDED!! Click that button! Continue reading

Crash Course of K-pop video!

Hey you guys! How’s life? Hopefully, it’s good, but as the title states I’m going to give you guys a crash course on K-pop. Not really because I feel as if you guys know what’s going on in the K-pop community. This is for my mass communication class. Yes, I’m giving a presentation on K-pop! Thank ya Jesus! *Praise dances* No, but I believe that this will be a easy grade…hopefully. The reason why I’m blogging on here because I’m almost done with the video and I need your opinion. In the video, I’m covering what is K-pop, the groups, the solo artists, the role in a group, number of members, how Psy wasn’t the first k-pop artist to be in the American media mainstream, fan clubs name/colors, why boys look so girly, skinship, scandals, American pop vs. Korean pop, fan wars, and sasaeng fans. Do you guys think that I covered everything my class needs to know? I mean as far as I know the only K-pop artist they know is Psy. Keep in mind that this presentation have to be 10 minutes long and well I’m at 11 minutes and I still have not talked about the scandals and skinship. Should I keep it or drop the two? My objective is for my class to understand K-pop and why it is so…weirdly addicting. You know what? I might just go over my time limit. Ten minutes is not enough time to just give an overview on K-pop, but is there anything else I need to cover? Your opinions are in need!