K-pop groups comeback in 2014!

Yes, it’s about that time for comebacks of your favorite, or least favorite, idols! When exactly are they releasing a single? Here’s the list of rumored comebacks in 2014. Continue reading

2013 MAMA Performances!

Seriously, again, I couldn’t stay up to see the MAMA awards because *still insert an excuse here*, but I would rather see 30 mintues worth of performances than 6 hours worth the award show. Come check out Ylvis with Crayon Pop, Paris Hilton, and Stevie Wonder! Continue reading

[BREAKING] Se7en and Sangchu Caught At Massage Parlor “Happy Ending”!

Uh oh! Time for another scandal. So, what’s the problem with two celebrities going to a massage parlor? What will happen to them? Who caught them? Will this scandal, along with Rain’s scandal, will make it difficult for celebrity recruits in the future? All that here! Continue reading

K-pop vs. A-pop

What is A-pop? Oh I don’t know.  American pop wouldn’t be the answer. Please proceed to the back of the line if you took that seriously. Of course it’s American pop music!! Korean’s pop culture looks up to the ones who made it…well pop. Oh, I’m on a roll with the lame jokes, but seriously if you look at Rain he should remind you of Justin Timberlake. Continue reading