Teen Top Releases “Rocking” MV + Their Mini Album “Teen Top Class”!

This is kind of late, but this is my first week of college, so please understand. Hopefully, I won’t have slow updates, but you guys don’t want to hear my excuses. Teen Top is back and their dancing shouldn’t be taking lightly! Continue reading

Reaction Video Cue: Psy’s “Gentleman,” Jay Park’s “Joah,” M.I.B’s “Nod Along” and More!

Yes, as stated before, I’ve been extremely busy with school because it’s basically crunch time, but here’s what’s in the cue! I did say that there were more!!! MUSIC VIDEO INCLUDED!! Click that button! Continue reading

Block B “Nillili Mambo” MV Reaction!

Wow, how could I post videos of myself before this one? I had to do this because of the comparison of B.A.P’s One Shot. Did I like this song equally as One Shot? Did fans really have to compare the two songs? My reaction with forehead (9 year old niece)! Continue reading