EXO’s Fans Crashes Baekhyun’s Brother’s Wedding

See I knew I would have to write another sasaeng story involving EXO soon. If the girl cutting herself weren’t enough, the fans crashed a member’s brother’s wedding. Who were at the wedding? Which member took to their SNS to put the sasaengs on blast? And what exactly will SM do about this matter? Continue reading

Daebak Koreans Fighting sasaeng fans! Literally…

You guys my hand have been shown! I’m playing poker and it feels like I’d showed my royal hand. I bet you are asking, “What are you talking about?” Remember how I always say that this is a school blog and that I really can’t post my full emotions on here. Well, my class is having a competition…a view count competition. Right now I’m at 1,102 views (THANK YOU GUYS), but now my class is out for blood. Seriously, they are trying to take me down as we speak. You know what this means right? It’s time to release the creaken! Did I spell that right…? Who cares, but right now it feels like I’m on stage with Super Junior and a lot of Elfs are coming at me. Guess what? BRING. IT. ON! I will beat them in this battle, especially the sasaengs. I hope there’s nobody like that in my class because that will be scary. If I don’t blog for about 3 days, you guys will know what happen, okay? What I mean about releasing the creakens? I’m going to post the most about k-pop! Whether it’s more on skinship, Siwon kissing Heechul, my reaction on Nichkhun’s drunk driving, and the whole mile! Now, I’m still going to post about recent stuff, but it’s on! *Chant together* DAEBAK KOREANS FIGHTING!!

Beware of the sasaeng fans! Especially DBSK/JYJ/TVQX!

Happy Halloween people! Are you guys going trick or treating tonight? Before you go and get some candy read this beautiful post I’m about to write.  Did I just say beautiful? I mean disturbing post. As the title state beware of sasaeng fans because those females are crazy! What exactly are sasaeng fans? Just think of Justin Bieber’s fans, but a million times worst. Again, A MILLION TIMES WORST THAN JUSTIN BIEBER’S FANS! That’s really scary and the age of these fans is also scary. I’m going to tell you by grade level since that itself is shocking. Sasaeng fans are between the grade level of 6th grade to 9th grade (American school system). I’m sorry that I repeat myself a lot during this post, but that’s crazy. Where are the parents? How can these young girls skip school without getting in trouble? It’s just that there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered. Continue reading

No K-pop Idols birthday! Don’t blame the Sasaeng fans!

Rest assured they are not to blame…yet. I just want to let you know that I have not been slacking on the birthday post these pass couple of days. The source I’ve been going to claims that there’s no idols birthday  since the 20th. Now, they could be wrong, so I went to another source. Journalism instincts! Our beloved AllKpop also claims that there’s no idols’ birthdays either, so I have clearance to tell you that I’m not slacking.  It seem as if October does not have a lot of birthdays compare to the rest of the months. Maybe the parents thought it was a bad month to have babies, but hey we had some pretty big names who were conceived in the month of October. You know Zelo…Zelo…animal talker/robot Zelo. No there was also Seungho…Seungho…puffy biteable lips, dark circles under his eyes Seungho. Oh, also Donghae…Donghae…playful kid but a beast Donghae. Jeez, my October biases. Hold up, again isn’t Zelo my son? I will never live this down because I know for a fact that Bang YongGuk is my husband. Well, it’s an imaginary fact, but the thought still counts. Jeez, I sound sooooo pitiful right now. Like those Sasaeng fans. Erase that, I am definitely not like those people! Now, that’s a post I want to save for Halloween because those people right there are CRAZY!!! Veered off topic, but again just wanted to let you guys know about the absents of birthday posts. Until tomorrow!