[UPDATED] SM The Ballad’s Jonghyun and Taeyeon Releases ‘Breath’ + MV Released!

I guess it’s time to pull out your tissues because the song “Breath” is released. Come check out the ballad sung by SHINee’s Jonghyun and Girls Generation’s Taeyeon. Continue reading


SM The Ballad Releases Teaser for ‘Breath’

After news of the new recruits of SM the Ballads, and the unit releasing new music, SM releases the teaser for their second album! Come check it out! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Post! April 15-April 26 Edition!

Guys, I’m back! I haven’t been here for awhile and I blame my studies for it. Seriously, I would tell you the whole story, but that’s for my personal blog. Which I should make, but who knows I may post it on here. So, I have nearly two weeks of birthdays to get to so…let’s get to it shall we? Continue reading