Happy Belated Birthday Post! May Slacking Edition Part 2!

Part 2 of the May birthdays! Don’t just sit here and admire my creativeness of the title! Click to see if I missed your favorite idols birthday and scold me. Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to the January 1st Babies!

Happy New Years People! Welcome to the year 2013! Wow, I was totally thinking about the Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers. A totally different genre, but hey I like them and they’re coming back ¬†with a concert in South America which sadly I do not live. So I can’t even go to an American concert, dang it. *Grabs a tissue* It sucks living in the Midwest. Anyways, let’s roll into the birthdays! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to the December 17th babies!

Ah, welcome to another belated birthday post. I don’t know why, but I always find a creative way to say I’m sorry to you all. That really needs to stop because I shouldn’t do that. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated on their day, so….let me stop I won’t make a promise if I cannot keep it. Please click that continue to read button! Continue reading