Big Bang to Release a Single in October!

Where’s “The Office” gif when you need it because it’s here! This is not a false alarm! When exactly will they release the single and an explanation on why they’re only releasing single compare to an album. All of that here! Continue reading


This week’s K-pop News: G Dragon’s Sasaeng Issue, EXO’s Wolf, Taemin’s weight comment, and MORE!

If that title doesn’t make you click then how about a juicy scandal between F(x) Victoria and TVXQ’s Changmin? Bang’s Tumblr post? Arnold Schcarzeneggar on Taxi? Hopyfully you’ve clicked by now. Continue reading

Day 17 and 18 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

So, I thought that having a break would mean more time blogging, but that’s not the case. I’m so sorry for not blogging about important things, but hopefully I can blog important posts in the future. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, click that more button for the next challenge..s! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to Lee Taeil!

I will not continue disrespect Block B because of their stupid mistake. I think other people are still doing that, so I want to be above the influence! Lee Taeil turned 23 years old yesterday and he’s a member of the infamous group Block B. Isn’t he trying to look like Big Bang’s T.O.P. in this picture? Maybe it’s the eyes? You tell me.