HyunA Releases ‘RED’ MV + Mini Album!

“Booty booty booty booty, rocking everywhere” and it’s true in HyunA’s new MV, “RED”. Check out the monkey butt and HyunA’s butt shaking in the MV. Continue reading


HyunA Releases MV Teasers for ‘RED’

I can’t start my intro with a quote (and technically I followed that rule), but “Monkey butts are red”? Yeah, the MV teasers are too interesting to miss out on. Come check it out! Continue reading

2013 KBS Music Festival Performances

One end of the year program down, two more to go. Have you seen the KBS music festival? That’s alright, I have the performances her for you. Come check it out! *Note: It will take awhile to load since it’s all the performances.* Continue reading