B.A.P Debuts in Japan with “Warrior”!

Guys words cannot express how I feel about this MV. None. It’s like they debut ALL OVER AGAIN, however, we have a wetter B.A.P than in the Korean version. Check it out + my reaction! Continue reading


LC9 feat Ga in “Mama Beat” MV Reaction + My Opinion on the B.A.P Comparison!

Another reaction with my mom, I had to make use of her, but this video is more up her alley…visual wise. So, did this MV appel me and my mom find out! Continue reading

Eat Your Kimchi Review on Rain Sound + My Reaction!

Ah, Simon and Martha, you’ve done it again! You guys have done pissed off some Babies. What did they say? What concept should B.A.P should stay in? Want to hear a fellow Baby’s reaction? It involves bold letters! Continue reading