Happy Belated Birthday Post! June Edition Part Deux!

Yeah, that mean two in French. I don’t know why I typed in French. Maybe I wanted to show off, but it’s time to show off these idols and wish them a happy birthday! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday Post! May Slacking Edition Part 2!

Part 2 of the May birthdays! Don’t just sit here and admire my creativeness of the title! Click to see if I missed your favorite idols birthday and scold me. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Post! April 27th to May 5th!

It’s a new month y’all and what’s a better way to celebrate it then posting birthdays that took place in April!? Right, there is and that Cinco de Mayo!!!! Guys, I’m really being sarcastic here. April Birthdays are meant for April and that’s the same for May, but let’s roll into it!

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K-pop vs. A-pop

What is A-pop? Oh I don’t know.  American pop wouldn’t be the answer. Please proceed to the back of the line if you took that seriously. Of course it’s American pop music!! Korean’s pop culture looks up to the ones who made it…well pop. Oh, I’m on a roll with the lame jokes, but seriously if you look at Rain he should remind you of Justin Timberlake. Continue reading