Why was Jay Park forced to leave 2PM?

Since the artist of the month is 2PM, I’ll give you some history on the Beastly Idols. I’ll start with the bad history of 2PM. We cannot move forward without explaining why it went from seven to six.


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Jay Park used to be the leader of 2PM until he said some pretty bad things about Korea. Paraphrasing his comments, Jay Park wrote in a MySpace post that he “hated it here [S.Korea]” and that “they’re [Koreans] stupid.” I hope you are thinking, “Holy smokes!” because the things he said made a lot of people in South Korea upset. There was so much hate and serious threats towards Jay Park, that his boss, JYP, had to fire him and send him back to America (Jay Park was originally from Seattle, Washington). Though, there were rumors that JYP would have let him stayed in the group even after that incident, but, again, people didn’t want him in their country.

Unhappy Trainee

These are comments that a S. Korean artist wouldn’t typically write on social media. Culturally, it’s not the right thing to do, even in America celebrities wouldn’t do it. You shouldn’t upset your moneymaker, which was probably what JYP thought, but in Koreans’ perspective, it was an insult. Now to his defense, life as a trainee wasn’t peaches and creams. He was only 17 years old


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when he decided to sign with JYP, but before you can debut you have to go through rigorous training. This is not just for JYP, the big three, which include SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment, make their artists go through tough training. There isn’t a lot of one hit wonders in Korea and they don’t like to waste their  money on something that will not succeed in the market. Back to Jay Park, his training took place in South Korea (miles away from his parents) and he could barely speak the Korean language. He felt out of place and his only source to vent was on social media.

Digging up “Secrets”

I don’t know about you, but whoever looked up Jay Park’s profile on MYSPACE was looking for some dirt. C’mon, it was in 2009 when everything was released to the public and everybody knows that Facebook ruled social media during that time.  Now, once people calmed down, the “fans” wanted Jay Park back into the group. They didn’t realize that the damage was done and that Jay Park wouldn’t be coming back to 2PM.  Their temper tantrum on a fairly small matter made that happen, not his MySpace post on his feelings about the country, but they did. Jay Park’s departure from the group was bittersweet, but he’s now successful in the Korean market without the help from JYP, a major record label in Korea. “Again & Again” was Jay Park’s last music video with 2PM. Check it out!

22 thoughts on “Why was Jay Park forced to leave 2PM?

  1. Kenny says:

    im suprised no one’s commented this, i’ve just googled why jay park left 2PM and so this link (which looks like a blog, it probably is) appeared.
    and sorry, i don’t keep updated with the korean world so i didnt even know this story about jay park leaving 2PM because of just MySpace comments. So i guess its an interesting story.

    • Oh trust me a lot of people visit this post. This post is one of the most viewed post on my blog. Yeah, I had to write about it because I needed to voice my opinion on it. It is surprising that MySpace caused him to be kick out of the group. I’m surprised people even track anybody on MySpace. But I’m glad you came to my blog!

      • Terra says:

        Lol, this post is sooo old but figured I’d comment any way. If you look it up on wikipedia it actually claims he was hacked. The leaked posts where supposed to have been private conversations. Man it’s crazy how events can change a persons life. I totally agree with kavy on Jay’s definition of gay. Considering he tells the person he is conversing with “haven talked to ur gay face in a while”, then then tells person later on that he (Jay) is “ur biggest fan” and says “korea is gay” all in the same comment box. I think there where just people waiting to try to destroy him. There should be some type of legal action against people like that. It’s wrong and can really hurt someone. I just want to hug the poor guy. I’m glad he’s doing well now though 😀

  2. jasmine says:

    I like Jay and i didnt even know this happened wow. Thats sucks for him but are the rumors that his bandmates rejoiced that he was gone true. Like they broungt girls in his spare room, glad they split the miney six way not seven.

    • kavy says:

      hmmm…. best not willingly eat everything shoved down your throat… their personal lives’ their choice… best not delving into it… as for jay, he is doing great being solo… if he’s still in 2pm, we might not see the real jay park, that we get to see now… seriously i prefer this jay.. he is one of the few real artist, including some indie bands, underground rappers and kpop mainstream ‘idols’ that actually possess that ‘it’ thing…

    • KPOPLover says:

      Those rumors cant be true… because Since they were 7 members they had to share bedrooms in thier dorms, so they used bunk beds.

  3. kavy says:

    got to know jay through a friend, who btw is crazy about him. going back to 2009… he used the word, ‘gay’ meaning to say, ‘korea is gay’ which was badly mistranslated and severely taken out of context…. four years after he had wrote it on myspace.. (by some really diligently active netizens) he might be training in korea but he’s is an american, and seeing the jay park now, think that’s the way he talks. have come to think that he meant ‘lame’ or ‘bored’ by using ‘gay’ and definitely… not how it was made out to be by the hackers..
    and the best part, ‘they started an online petition asking jay to commit suicide’ which when i read about it, i was like ‘were those people real’

    lets be honest JYP handle the entire situation really bad… and after that public showdown between him and sidushq, jay’s current agency, it didn’t look good…
    but the whole thing molded him in becoming the Jay that we have now, who is arguably the most original in terms of personality, music, and style. he gets to be what he wants, not perfect, but simply genuine, really he is not kpop material. he really deserves more exposure, he might not be the best but the boy has got serious talent… sometimes i wonder why he is given very little chance to promote his songs on korean music shows, and rarely appear on varieties.. though he has slowly started coming now… his songs sell a lot and become chart toppers… and he’s popular in america.. australia.. etc etc… including the korean general public… and not just simple with kpop fandoms…

    • Quetzali says:

      The reason he is given little to no chance of promoting his work on any type of Korean show is because what he did was really offensive for them. Even if he meant to say “lame” or “boring” it’s still a huge offense for them. And it doesn’t matter how much time goes by, there will be people who will never let go of the grudge they hold towards him. Korean people are completely different when it comes to their ways from any other people I’ve met. They’re closed and strict, and sometimes unforgiving. That’s why he is not completely taken into consideration by Korean shows. Maybe later he will be accepted again, Korea is changing, is slowly opening up to new things but we’ll have to wait and see.

      • kavy says:

        i am not sure about the unforgiving part, because he’s a regular cast on snl korea and the public seem to love him. but yes definitely some might still hold grudges but overall the public, especially the general public and not necessarily kpop centric group, as I have read a lot of articles on the korean music scene, appreciate his talent. came to notice that most of his appearances are on kbs and not sbs… read something about cockblocking by JYPE… not invited for award shows though nominated, stuffs like that, the most recent being mama, where b.o.b performed noy with k.will… and a cancelled running man show, which made jyp’s hand even more evident… but overall think everything’s subsiding this year, started seeing him more on tv… he’s having a great year…. and some of my korean friends who btw are in my university only listen to jay, k.will, busker busker, dynamic duo ect simply love him.

  4. Quetzali says:

    I remember when I first heard the scandal that made him leave the group and Korea. And I’m glad I found this because I wasn’t completely informed of the why he was forced out of the group. Now with that being said, for anyone who is not Korean or has no knowledge at all of the way things work over there what happened to Jay could seem ridiculous. However, Korea is nothing like the US. A career can end based on thoughtless actions, and that’s what happened to Jay (luckily his career did not end, it just changed). It’s like Netizens rule over there, they have the “freedom” of destructing a career at any moment. A lot of careers have been ended due to the rage of Netizens for things that we might perceive as irrelevant. To understand the depth of how things work it takes time to submerge oneself into their culture. Artists over there are fully aware of how they need to act if they don’t want to provoke the Netizens. And of course, Korea is very closed and conservative, and even if his comment would have been taken into the appropriate context the Netizens would have still done what they did.

  5. KPOPLover says:

    I heard Taeckyon and Nichkhun say they knew he had to leave 2PM but were unhappy and sad. They wanted him to stay, but because of the hatered, Jay Park had no choice but to leave. I don’t know what Jaebum wrote on a blog page, but it must’ve been really “strong” to make it to be forced to leave. I heard he is a soloist now. I will support 2PM AND JayPark. It was just a mistake in the past. It’s over now, time to move on.

    • kavy says:

      here for jay not for kpop….. lol…. kpop and its fandom is simply on another level though you have to agree on that… the ‘fanwars’ are really epic…. homer would have been intimidated seriously. have been following kpop for the past 10 years and the ‘creepy fans’ are increasing day in and day out… other countries have something call ‘laws’ or ‘restraining orders’ but what do you have in kpop, ‘people simply go scot-free’…. stalking someone or even hearing about it, asking someone to commit suicide simply because your bias and the other party had bad blood… or say starting a petition for someone to commit suicide… harming an idol publicly but yet still not facing any punishment whatsoever are really not very entertaining or part of what i would define as ‘entertainment.’

      “this jay park and 2pm issue though is very messy, just type 2pm controversy, or 2PM FEBRUARY 2010 CONFERENCE, you will get to know everything” and dear you don’t need a TV for that.
      jay supposedly left because of a second mistake committed during the again and again promotion and not because of his myspace post, which the 2pm members, (trust me taecyeon was really vocal about it) and jyp said was oh so bad but not illegal and for which the public will never forgive him. ‘like what jay is one of the most successful soloist in south korea atm, so than why would jay comeback to a country if he had really done a mistake that will harm society when people from that same country practically started a petition asking him to commit suicide for something he wrote five years ago… it does not make much sense tbh. btw jyp still can’t tell what that second mistake was for which he was kicked out from 2pm, even though jay and sidus ceo, jay park’s current agency wanted him to, saying they were ready to handle the outcome… ‘if there really was a second mistake why can’t jyp reveal it when practically jay and his agency is requesting him to do so…. why can’t jyp simply tell us fans why he had to terminate jay’s contract, but no he won’t and he never will because there simply is no ‘mistake’.

    • Jen Elle says:

      I agree that JYP handled the situation really badly. 2pm with Jay Park was a really talented group that had a mix of kpop, rnb, and bboy trends. Its sad that the netizens digging up dirt on a site like xanga split the group. Being asian american myself, the word “gay” in 2009 was used a lot…although its not a word that is socially correct. I feel that his words were taken out of context. And honestly these artists should consider sueing the anti-fans because it could be considered “defamation of character”.
      Its unfortunate that he couldn’t become a huge megastar in Korea after this scanda… I mean the Kardashians in the US have a pop culture hit show after Kim’s scandal….
      I’m glad taec in recent years voiced his opinions on his agency. JYP hasn’t been promoting them… And Wondergirls also could have been a lot more if they promoted them…Watching again & again MV makes me nostalgic, and makes me miss the group when they were altogether.
      The most fun was watching them on variety shows and how nichkhun, taec & jay got a long so well.

  6. Jj says:

    Whatever …. anyway I like him!

  7. reyspect says:

    even when jay said that korea’s gay,it could be true. i watched several reality show had their guest to do card kissing game,couple dance etc. well that’s so “gay” to be honest. jay might have shocked of the korean culture and didnt seem to get accustomed to such things. if i were jay,yeah i’d definitely have the same thought as him. so the point is jay was just trying to figure out the culture shock around him. now that he has understand and got used to it, he could accept it…I feel so sorry for him…

  8. Even he is not in group he doing pretty well
    And still talented im so proud of you jay park …

  9. blah says:

    kpop fans are really easy to offend and they reactions are way too extreme sometimes but i dont blame them for getting offended about this. a foreigner coming to your country and calling it gay is pretty offensive. if he doesn’t like the country its like hes only there cause he couldn’t make it back home(witch was prob the case).

  10. […] Jay Park,aka Jae-beom ( 박재범), a member of the famous boy band 2PM, was forced to quit the group and leave Korea after it was revealed that he had written some bad remarks about Korea on his MySpace page in […]

  11. Mey says:

    Hi there!
    İ am glad that this topic is still talked about a lot!
    İ am a Fan of 2PM since they’ve debuted and İ also love Jay P. a lot! 🙂

    İ miss the “brotherhood” times also, but İ.have to admit, that İ like them as they’re now 🙂
    To be honest…vack then, when this controversy started and JP was abandoned İ was one of the Fans who wanted him back sooooo badly…but since a few years’ve already passed by İ gave up on this wish, because they’re doing well 🙂

    İ would like to see a feature of 2PM and Jay, but İ guess that will never ever happen.
    İ mean according to JYP, who said that Jay did something very bad but not illegal *My thoughts about this sexual stuff either with a girl or a boy*, it’s impossible to see these members together again…well yeah…that even makes me sad…İ mean they could at leasy stay friends…*but yeah…friendships seldomly last for a long time*…
    İ wonder if 2PM and Jay P. would keep in touch, if one of them *god bless them* died. :/

    What do you think about this?

  12. Elina says:

    I’m surprised no one posted the real reason why he left. o_O
    It’s not completely true what you wrote.
    It’s true that he first left the country because of the Myspace comments were revealed but JYP were planning to bring him back! He changed his mind though because of sth “worse than the myspace incident” but JYP didn’t tell us what exactly that was. Only the 2PM members know about it and fans would only speculate.
    And because there was a lot of hate going on 2PM hold a press conference together with 2PM admins from popular fansites and they were allowed to ask questions and I remember the members were quite angry at some point because fans were really offensive!
    I can’t find the audio of this press conference anymore but it was translated also in english and they said they were not allowed to tell the real reason why they can’t let Jay Park come back! They only said that it’s WORSE than the Myspace issue and that Jay Park would get in real trouble if the truth ever came out!
    So until today I don’t know what that was but JYP clearly didn’t wanna risk to deal with it.
    That’s what happened.
    I was around when all this happened and followed the news. Fans started doing so many projects for Jay Park to come back. They were the ones who started the “Flashmob” hype on youtube. Fans from all over the world danced to again & again… even idols like No Minwoo did music covers.. look up “heartbeat no minwoo” on youtube.
    2PM then kept the emo concept for so long until they could finally release a happier song “Hands up”.

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