Daebak Koreans Hits 4,000 views!

Yes, people the number, and I, don’t lie. Daebak Koreans has 4,000 views, well a little over 4,000 views now, but let’s round that number. I don’t know how much I can thank you all for this achievement. I had started this blog for a school assignment, but I didn’t know that I would be dedicated this much to this blog where even if I drop out of college I would still update you all of what’s going on with K-pop. Continue reading

Gif Challenge Kanaissa’s Edition!

Kanaissa’s edition? How about Tumblr’s edition because that’s where I found this amazing challenge called GIF challenge. I don’t know what exactly GIF means, but it’s moving picture. Really, a video that been cut way down to a specific emotion to convey your emotion. Um…that’s what I’m getting from a GIF, so let get right to it! P.S. Some Gifs may not move, if that’s the case click on them. I don’t know why WordPress have to be difficult, but it is what it is.

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Day 21 and 22 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

I’m back in my dorm with my mind cleared! That’ll change by the end of this week taken how I have a research paper due by Thursday. Wouldn’t it be great if my research paper were on K-pop? Those eight pages would have been a breeze! To the challenges! Now would you please proceed to the continue to read button!
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Day 7 and 8 of 30 day K-pop challenge!

If you follow me you must know I skipped day 6 and I have a reason (as always!) Day 6 challenge was my favorite K-pop song from my favorite female group. So, I like 2ne1 because they’re different from the usual girl groups, but I like one of their song because of 2PM. That doesn’t seem fair, so I skipped the challenge. Sorry, but it’s a different day and a new challenge, two new challenges! Continue reading