My biases!

Hey, there people! I wanted to create this page for two reasons. One, to let people know who I like in certain groups and two, to let people know who they need to stay away from. Did I just say that? Well, it’s true. No, I’m playing. I think it’s interesting to know other people biases and if we share the same bias I feel that there’s going to be a connection. We can talk about what we like about them and argue with other people why Bang Yongguk and Zico are different. Stay tune, I’ll add my biases later!

Bias from 2PM Nichkhun!


Big Bang: TOP


SHINee: Jonghyun I really like this GIF


Beast: Lee Gi Kwang


Super Junior: Leeteuk


MBLAQ: Seungho


TVXQ: Yunho


Block B: Zico


Last but not least B.A.P: Bang YongGuk! He’s my ultimate bias right now





I love this kid! Well, here’s my bias list!

6 thoughts on “My biases!

  1. CaucaNoona says:

    4 out of 9 for me =)
    Nichkhun, T.O.P, Jonghyun, and Leeteuk. I USUALLY go for the older idols, otherwise I feel like a pedonoona.

    My ultimate bias is not in a group… He’s an actor, who used to sing – Lee Byung Hun ( I liked him way before he was Stormshadow) and second is Jung Ji Hoon (비) ^_~

    • My biases tend to be leader who are rappers. Yeah, I have a few exceptions, but majority are rappers. I really need to update this list. It grew~~~ I haven’t seen the new GI Joe movie yet, so I don’t know what Lee Byung Hun looks like. Forgive me~~~

  2. wikibubbles says:

    my bias…. jaejoong, jaejoong, jaejoong…. oh and i forgot JAEJOONG 😀 hahaha 😀

  3. Cece_daWolf88 says:

    So my TOP10 😀
    My ultimate bias is Kai from Exo *^*
    2# Lee Dong Hae (SuJu)
    3# Zico (Block B)
    4# Kim Soo Hyun
    5# Chen (Exo)
    6# YongGuk (B.A.P.)
    7# Jimin (BTS)
    8# Jay Park
    9# N (VIXX)
    10# Sungjae (BtoB)

  4. NUMBER 8 says:

    You haven’t bias in SECRET ??

  5. MissTtoki says:

    Ahhhh I totally agree with You !!! Yonggukie oppa Is the Top N*1 <3<3<3<3<3 his rap us Just OMG he Can be as cute as sexy and he is such talented OMG OMG he is the best best man !!! Love also T.O.P and Zico really they are my top 3

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