Happy Birthday to Choi Yong Hak!

Just by the name he sounds like a boy. Ah because he is! Yong Hak turns 22 today and he a member of F. Cuz! I hate comparing, but he looks like Lee Gi Kwang in this picture. So serious this picture remind me of Gi Kwang in Bad Girl, and I seen that video yesterday, so I know what i’m talking about! Opinions?

Happy Belated Birthday to Lee Taeil!

I will not continue disrespect Block B because of their stupid mistake. I think other people are still doing that, so I want to be above the influence! Lee Taeil turned 23 years old yesterday and he’s a member of the infamous group Block B. Isn’t he trying to look like Big Bang’s T.O.P. in this picture? Maybe it’s the eyes? You tell me.