Happy Birthday to Kim Kibum!

2010125587Which Kim Kibum? Super Junior’s? SHINee’s? A random Kim Kibum on the street of Seoul, South Korea? Nope, it’s former U-Kiss member Kim Kibum! He turns 23 years old today and he’s also the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun! Famous brother you got there Kibum! They almost look alike from the pictures I’ve seen. Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday to Narsha!

498587Dongwoon where are you?! It was Narsha’s birthday and you didn’t say happy birthday on Twitter! I know because I follow you and have Google Translate! Lol, I’m playing. Anyways, it was Narsha’s birthday yesterday and she turned 32 years old yesterday and she’s a member of Brown Eyed Girls! Don’t let that age fool ya she still has her looks! Well, she still has it for 3 years until society deems her ugly. Those aren’t my words it’s totally society’s because I wouldn’t say those things! Dang Women’s Studies Class! Hopefully, that won’t happen!

Happy Birthday to the December 21st Babies!

We’re so so close to Christmas! What’s everybody’s plans? For those who doesn’t celebrate it, what are you going to do that day? Welp, I know these stars will get double the presents. Christmas and birthday present within the same week? Lucky idols we have! Click that continue to read button to see these lucky idols! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to Junhyung!

125562605608Yes, it’s Beast’s very own rapper birthday…yesterday. Junhyung turned 24 years old yesterday and as I said earlier he’s a member of Beast. He was like my second bias in Beast, but since he has a girlfriend he’s really not my bias anymore. No. No, it’s not really because of that…well maybe it is, but he really didn’t say much in interviews or variety shows. So it gradually faded as I continue to look at their interviews. I guess it was his looks that hooked and what can I say look at the picture above. Yup, I love when his hair was like this. One word: Adorable! But please don’t kill me B2uty! That leaves more for you…or maybe not.

Happy Belated Birthday to the December 17th babies!

Ah, welcome to another belated birthday post. I don’t know why, but I always find a creative way to say I’m sorry to you all. That really needs to stop because I shouldn’t do that. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated on their day, so….let me stop I won’t make a promise if I cannot keep it. Please click that continue to read button! Continue reading