The K-pop News That Happened in My Absence! Includes SHINee, B.A.P and More!

Yeah, I haven’t been here for like two days and a lot of things I want to write I haven’t, so click this button for more information on B.A.P’s solo concert, SHINee’s amazing comeback, Block B court date, and news in the variety world! Continue reading

Eat Your Kimchi Review on Rain Sound + My Reaction!

Ah, Simon and Martha, you’ve done it again! You guys have done pissed off some Babies. What did they say? What concept should B.A.P should stay in? Want to hear a fellow Baby’s reaction? It involves bold letters! Continue reading

B.A.P fanfic?

Hey you guys! Just came out of my Women’s Studies class and I couldn’t stop thinking about my blog. I’m too loyal to you all (followers and visitors), but I’m thinking about writing a short story. Or a term you all know, fanfic, with B.A.P. No, it’s not going to be BangHim or DaeJae story. It’s going to be the normal boy and girl story. I just cannot write “normal” fanfic story with two guys. It won’t be


Bang YongGuk

another female star, but instead a character I make up. Her lover will be, of course, Bang YongGuk. I’ll add the story whenever I have time
but how does that sound? Should I move forward with this idea?

B.A.P’s Stop it MV just released!

Ah, I thought this moment wouldn’t have come faster! The fact that many people said that there wasn’t going to be a music video was kind of sad, but I’m just happy that it came out! Journalism instinct was disabled I guess.This music video is WAY different compare to the B.A.P we are use to seeing. The fact that there’s a girl in it is the first thing that is different. I have no problems with it by the way. Well, since Bang YongGuk is chasing after this girl, or love struck, is kind of sad, but we are seeing a different side of B.A.P! I hope fans will understand that they cannot be hardcore ALL the time because this IS a playful music video beside Crash. I laughed throughout the whole music video! They are just so playful especially that random dance scene in the classroom. A site that all fans will most likely goo goo gaga for is that B.A.P are all blond again! A lot of fans liked their debut hair color, which they were of course blond, so to back to there roots was a site to see since not many artist do that. Let me stop, I don’t want to ruin the music video for you because I can go on and on about it. Check it out!

B.A.P 3rd Album released digitally!

Wait all night for this to come out and what should I say? My mind is completely blown out my brain! Seriously, I would do a review, but I can’t. It will basically sound the same for all three songs, but I’ll try for you guys! Click that continue to read button Babies!! Or any K-pop fan because I’m here to convert you…! Continue reading

B.A.P New teaser!

I’m a day or two late on this, but I’ve seen the teaser minutes after it was released. You know what teaser I’m talking about! B.A.P’s Stop it teaser! My opinion? Well, I’m thinking about purchasing a cd with only three songs on it. Too serious! The teaser was so simple, but it took your mind on a ride in 21 seconds. Their concept, or focus/ theme, is hipster. If you don’t know what hipster mean then Google it…no I’m joking! Seriously don’t leave me! Hipster = trend setters. See, simple along with that amazing teaser. Their concept pictures were released about two or three days before the teaser and that also blew my mind. What do I mean about concept pictures? Well, that’s a post I need to write in the future, but it’s a way for the company to troll us. Troll means, to me, control. To make us want more of the group they are promoting. I think that’s a basic overview on this subject until the post, don’t you think? B.A.P’s new music video, Stop it, will be released October 23rd Korean time. Cannot wait. Check out the concept pictures (in order of the release) and teaser below.

Bang Yongguk and Daehyun


Zelo and Jongup


Himchan and Youngae


Stop it teaser!

Enjoy then rewatch and do it again!

B.A.P are Aliens?

Bang Yongguk noooooo! I cannot marry an alien! Just fooling with you because B.A.P are not aliens that’s just their background story. Um, maybe that’s not clear enough. It’s their goal, but created as a story. Their real goal is to be successful in the music industry, and their Sci-Fi story is to gain *cough cough steal* the fans’ energy and send it back to their planet. It’s the same, but the usual evil alien plot. Mato is the name of their planet and I guess their real form are bunnies. Yes, Bugs Bunny in the flesh, but I always thought Bugs Bunny was sexy and B.A.P confirmed it. Okay, that just sounds weird and I’m not, but I’ve always liked Bugs Bunny in Loony Tunes. Wow, I had a bias when I was just 5 years old, so pitiful. B.A.P each has their own character so their bunnies that represents each member has different colors. Yongguk is red. Himchan is pink, I mean he’s a diva of course. Youngjae is yellow. Daehyun is white, but he’s so evil…in a good way. Jongup is green. Zelo is baby blue. Baby blue for the baby so adorable! This is just basic information on their alternate life, but B.A.P’s variety show Ta Dah! It’s B.A.P explains it all. Taken that it’s does YouTube will be your best friends for over 8 hours! Here’s the link below!

Artist of the month B.A.P!

I don’t know, but I  must like beastly idols because B.A.P are freaking beasts. B.A.P isn’t your typical K-pop group! You don’t see them doing any sassy music and even if they do a love song it still have some type of rawness to it. I can’t tell you enough how bad I wanted a group like this! They are a true hip hop Korean group. They do everything from b-boying, crumping, step, and fast rapping, so I guess your typical black hip hop group in America. Yes, 2PM did b-boying at the beginning of their career, but stop once Jay Park left the group, and ultimately dropped their beastly title. To me, they did. I still really like them, but if you compare B.A.P to 2PM you can see a huge difference. But please, please, DON’T compare idol groups! I’m somewhat crossing the line now, but I’m just proving a point for a great cause! B.A.P members are Bang Yongguk (Leader/Rapper), Daehyun (Main vocals/Visual), Youngjae (Main Vocals), Himchan (Sub-Vocals), Jongup (Dancer), and Zelo (Makane/Rapper).  They are really interesting people, again so different than what you usually see in the K-pop world. They are so different that they made a storyline on why they want to conquer the idol world. My creative writing side is just dumbfounded on how creative they are. That’s another post because talking about the Mato Planet is entirely too long for this post. Stay tune for more on B.A.P!