BTS Hints Comeback with Photo Teaser and Clip!

It seems like BTS is back every month. Now, who does that remind you of? I’m not going to say any names (B.A.P), but this comeback is going to be fierce. Continue reading

B.A.P’s Yongguk Returns to Instagram!

*Runs around campus* Sorry, no. I’m not fit for all that, but I’m really excited about this! What’s his username and what did he post to make Babyz go crazy? All that here with a pinch of concern. Continue reading

Teen Top Releases “Rocking” MV + Their Mini Album “Teen Top Class”!

This is kind of late, but this is my first week of college, so please understand. Hopefully, I won’t have slow updates, but you guys don’t want to hear my excuses. Teen Top is back and their dancing shouldn’t be taking lightly! Continue reading