SECRET’s Hyosung to Debut Solo in May

Hyosung is next to make her solo debut from SECRET. When will she debut and what concept will she do? No people, she will not be in lingerie! Perverts~ Continue reading


[OPINION POST] EXO’s ‘Overdose’ Leaked?

Let me be surprise for a moment…nope not working. EXO’s new song ‘Overdose’ (and dance practice video) was leaked. Who leaked it and what is SM doing about it. All that here and check out the title, it’s a opinion post. Continue reading

Block B Releases MV Teaser for ‘Jackpot’

No warnings and no photo teasers, but Block B confirmed their comeback with ‘Jackpot’ MV teaser! Now, will they be robbing a bank again like they did last time? Well, let’s find out.

Continue reading


[BREAKING] 2PM’s Nichkhun and Girl Generation’s Tiffany Are Dating!

Oh my heart! What in the world is going on? Who broke the news and did JYP/SM confirm the relationship? All that with my opinion here! Continue reading


Akdong Musician Releases Teaser Photos, Video, and Tracklist for Their Debut Album ‘Play’!

YG next queued artist is Akdong Musician. Sorry, Winner’s fans, maybe next month. Akdong Musicians are going with the fantasy concept and debuting with a full album! Come check it out what they have in store for us. Continue reading


BTS Releases MV Teaser for ‘Just One Day’

BTS is giving fans another MV with their follow up song “Just One Day”! Don’t expect this MV to be like “Boys in Luv”, believe or not,  no girls will be harmed in this MV…I hope. Continue reading


[UPDATE] Infinite to Release “The Origins” and to Have Comeback in April + Releases ‘BTD’ Instrumental MV!

Infinite is doing something that no other Korean artists have done before. Be prepared to spend some dough on this three part album! Continue reading


[UPDATED] EXO Hints Comeback With EXO Teaser Photos!

Exo is coming back! It’s an announcement that all Exotics love to hear after that 2012 fiasco. What style are they coming back with and when will the MV be released? All that here! Continue reading