[UPDATED]Ailee Pre-Debut Nude Pictures Leaked! YMC Entertainment Statement!

OMG! What the heck is going on? Who leaked them? What did her agency say and what are the fans saying? An opinionated post, so advance if you want to.

Oh my goodness! What is going on? I repeat that because this is the first time that I’ve experienced nude pics leakage in K-pop. This is really looked down upon in S.Korea period since they are really conservative. Extremely conservative.

 I’m taking down the photos. So, it’s deleted.

Whoa, I didn’t even know that AllKpop posted the uncensored version of the nude pics, but this is bad because this girl looks almost like Ailee. Now, this may not be the girl, but it strangely looks like her and of course even if it is or is not her the public doesn’t care. Websites already tied Ailee’s name to the girl in the picture, so even if her agency denies the pictures it will hunt her. With that being said, her agency had yet to release a statement about the leaked photos, so we have to wait the official statement and since this is blowing up we should see one. It’s rumored that her ex-boyfriend leaked the photos, but it’s not confirmed and who would even admit to this. Hopefully, we’ll hear from Ailee’s agency real soon.

Fans Reaction

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The fans aren’t happy. They are all upset that AllKpop released the nude pictures in the first place embarrassing Ailee, but of course they don’t want to give heat to the people who posted the nude pictures first. But, fans are doing their own investigative work to prove that it’s not Ailee. I mean they have some work to do because it looks almost like her, but that’s what they’re doing right now. There are others who are freaking  perverted. I don’t even want to talk about that, but this is how people are feeling about this scandal.

My Reaction 

tumblr_m8qs4x7fK71qk7jgbI don’t like nude pictures. End of my reaction. I really don’t like it. I don’t like it when females take the nude pictures of themselves or the people that leak the pictures. I don’t like how people can give a pass on the girl taking the nude pictures as if it’s not partially her fault. She is somewhat to blame. How can you trust somebody that much to send them nudes? Plus, why do you even need to take nude pictures in the first place? I don’t understand. As for the people who leaks the pictures, why do they hate the person so much to embarrass her like that? That takes a lot of hate to do that, to me it does because it dehumanizes the girl. It really does, so when this scandal broke out I was highly upset and shocked about it. I hope this doesn’t happen again.

What do you guys think of the nude pictures? Should we write about the pictures?

[UPDATE] Here’s what her company has to say, but prepared…it’s not much.

We’re currently checking to see if it’s her“.

So, it must be her. We have to think about this statement, if it’s not her they could have denied it, but they didn’t. Do they not have Ailee on speed dial? This is seriously hurting her image and to say that…it’s hurting it even more. I think they should have waited if they were going to give a statement like this because this isn’t doing Ailee any justice.

Source: Allkpop

Daebak Koreans’ Apology

I want to apologize for posting those pictures. I was wrong to do so and it’s highly illegal even if it was censored or not. It’s still illegal even if she is above the age of 18, so *bows* I apologize. Hopefully, you all will forgive me. Thanks.

18 thoughts on “[UPDATED]Ailee Pre-Debut Nude Pictures Leaked! YMC Entertainment Statement!

  1. I still love you Ailee says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but those pictures are legit. I went on her old Youtube channel to see the resemblance of her and that room. One of her video shows he singing and there is the exact same air conditioner in the back and the door is also the same. WHHHHHYYYYYY?! T_T

    • I tried to leave that judgement out until the official statement, but the official statement is making believe it’s her. I just don’t understand why somebody would do this? It’s stooping to a low level and I feel bad for Ailee.

    • there are alot of similarities.. you really cant use the AC because anyone can go out and buy that AC unit.. its not a very unique nor uncommon unit.. as far as the door.. thats debateable.. if you look at the handle yes its the same.. but one background (the climb cover) there is a extra crack in the door.. and the other video (whitney houston cover) the frame is flush and doesnt portrude out like in the pics… sure she could be at a different place, but then that rules out your AC theory.. although there is the similiar bag on the ground and the person in those pics does resemble her ALOT…

  2. sp says:

    The photos are illegal and count as Child Pornography, so you might consider taking them down. You could be charged with trafficking Child Pornography, as Ailee is apparently under 18 years of age in these photos.

    The photos were rumored to have been taken by a former Allkpop staff member that used to date Ailee. So, it is not only illegal, but unethical to have posted these photos without Ailee’s consent.

  3. aileefan says:

    Please take down these pictures immediately. You’re only going to hurt her reputation further and it’s going to be bad enough as it is. Please don’t put the fat in the fire.

  4. […] In a world where IU can get into deep shit for daring to post a photo of herself being in physical contact with another K-Pop idol while fully clothed, this is obviously about as damaging as it gets (unfortunately). How someone attained these pictures and why they were leaked is anyone’s guess at this point. According to Daebak Koreans, her agency has this to say: […]

  5. jowein says:

    Her career might end here. Ouch for that.

  6. Christina says:

    guys relax.
    we were all born naked and when we die, our clothes rot off and we’re naked again. I realise it’s a ‘big deal’ in Korea, but in Internetland, (and also um… in REALITY?????? HELLO?????)… nakedness is absolutely natural and being ashamed of one’s naked body is the disorder.

    That being said, Ailee is human, and a wonderfully talented singer who is allowed to take any type of pictures of herself. When you guys grow up, you will understand.

    #quietdownchildren #lifeisnotPG13 #beingnakedisokay

  7. ano says:

    rumors are the vp of allkpop daniel lee is the ex bf of ailee .. and allkpop has a history of being rude korean american company so this might be true ..

  8. I dont care if its ailee or not, if its real or fake, all i care is ailee, her feelings, i love her, and ill always support her..

  9. xiltyn says:

    Normally, I wouldn’t care less because it’s not my thing to check out if some singer’s nude pictures were or weren’t leaked. The thing that makes me half-angry half-amused though is one thing that tends to be a common ground for south-estern Asia, which is hipocrism towards nudity. I mean really? Those girls can be almost naked in their offcial MVs because then it is considered to be cute but when that some kind of a weird nudity border is reached, they start to be treated as sluts (forgive me the language) all of a sudden? What’s wrong with that? As stated above – it’s not like she did that on purpose, it’s not like she’s selling her nudity, it’s just normal human thing – being an ass – that made someone leak those, nothing more.

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