B2ST’s Yoseob Releases Spoiler for Comeback!

B2ST is making it easy for fans to learn about their new comeback track. Come check out his greeting to his fans. B2uty this is for you!B2ST_1401215141_af_org

B2ST is putting a lot of hype around their comeback this June. I mean they’re giving away spoilers for free without fans having to dig up what the hell might happen in their MV. I need these spoilers because I’m totally clueless whenever I react to MVs, but this comeback must be something good to be releasing spoilers. Or….or that the feedback of “Shadow” wasn’t good enough, so they have to get their fans hype about this comeback. It could be either or because a lot fans weren’t digging “Shadow” when it first came out, but of course fans can change their views on the song. Anyway, here’s what Yoseob said since it’s not subbed:

“Hello. This is Yoseob. Pretty soon B2ST will be making a comeback and it touches my heart when I think about how much the fans have been waiting. We’ve prepared a lot of new contents for you, so please give a lot of love towards the new song and B2ST’s comeback.Thank you.”

Are you guys excited or what?


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